Our methodology enables customers to leverage current IT investments while transforming their business into an open and adaptable e-infrastructure.

Mission Statement

The mission of Suhan Business Solutions is to provide innovative and customized technology solutions that focus on creating and enhancing value. To accomplish this mission, Suhan Business Solutions partners with our customers to capitalize on the power of technology from concept through implementation, while ensuring that the benefits, ROI, and the challenges of tomorrow are addressed.

Suhan Business Solutions (SBS), a leading provider of business consulting services, an IBM Business Partner, helps established businesses and emerging start-ups, design develop and deploy high impact Suhan Business strategies.

We are group of highly experienced business and technology consultants with many years of experience as enterprise architects, technical leads, user experience professionals and senior project managers to provide you assistance in evaluating and implementing a wide spectrum of technologies like Java/J2EE, IBM WebSphere technologies, XML, Webservices, business process integration. Our teams of IT professionals work with clients to design develop and deploy robust and scalable solutions that address needs that are unique to their business and industry. Our solutions are pragmatic and built on excellent technical and industry experience.

Our unique business model allows us to offer you exceptional quality and diverse capabilities with personal attention that your business needs and deserves all with single focus - your success.

SBS is an end-to-end Business Integration & SOA specialist firm providing services to help both large & mid-sized businesses transition their IT to a service-oriented architecture. We offer both architectural & implementation services. We have deep industry expertise in multiple vertical industries. Given our focus on Integration & SOA, we are more nimble, flexible, and quicker in delivering solutions to our clients and given our deep industry expertise can tailor our services & solutions around your needs.

SBS’s global development centers located in USA and India that allows us to provide our customers with multiple sourcing & delivery models. Since its founding, SBS has become one of the preeminent firms specializing in enterprise applications and information management. Our recognition of the need for business professionals to understand the available technologies and product offerings, and our ability to assist our clients in all phases of information management planning and systems deployment, has established SBS’s reputation as a leader in its field.

SBS is in the forefront of a new generation of information technology services companies focusing on value, speed of delivery and high performance technology solutions. We combine people, business process and advanced technology in a comprehensive set of IT services.

It's an enduring passion of SBS for excellence that has accelerated our pace of growth beyond the usual. By leveraging our technology expertise and superior customer service, we have ensured overall customer satisfaction and redefined the way the business is perceived.